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Minnkota Bow Window

Minnkota Bow Window

Bow Window

Application Type: Residential, Light Commercial
Frame: Rehau uPVC
Exterior Colors: Almond, Brick Red, Bronze, Brown, Dakota Sand, Forest Green, Mocha, White
Frame Size: 3-1/4"
Brickmould: 1-1/2" Standard, 2" w/ Sloped Sill
Glazing: Interior
Interior Colors: Almond, Dark Woodgrain, Heartwood, Irish Oak, Maple, White
Glass Strength: Annealed, Tempered
Glazing Type: Dual Pane LoE 272/Argon, Dual Pane LoE 366/Argon, Triple Pane LoE 272/Argon, Triple Pane Double LoE 272/Argon, Insulated Clear
IG Thickness: 7/8" oa Dual Pane, 1" oa. Dual & Triple Pane, 1-3/8" oa. Triple Pane
Deflection Angle: 10 Degree, 15 Degree
Spacer: Endur
Grille Color: All interior and exterior colors available and brass
Grille Type: Flat, Contour, Slimline, Simulated Divided Light
Grille Pattern: Colonial, Prairie, Farmhouse, Suspended
Extension Jamb Loose: na
Interior Return: 1/2" Drywall, 3/4" Jamb
Extension Jamb Applied: Unfinished Oak or Maple
Max Frame
Min Frame Width: 48"
Max Frame
72" w/ casement, 76" w/ double hung
Min Frame Height: 24"


NFRC Ratings 2009

Minnkota Bow Windows helps you add light and space to warm up your room.
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